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Shaws of Darwen Sinks

Shaws of Darwen

Handcrafted for Life

The world’s finest fireclay sinks

Like any true work of art, each piece is signed

About Shaws

For over a century our time-honored techniques have been passed down from master craftsman to apprentice, from one generation to the next. Each fireclay sink and basin is an original creation, painstakingly made by hand. Each one proudly bears the name of the artisan who poured, shaped, and glazed it. And each is an iconic statement to the art of craft, made to last a lifetime.

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Shaws of Darwen
Shaws of Darwen Stamp

Our process requires patience, artistry, and a craftsman’s touch. Locally-sourced, natural fireclay is mixed with water, then hand-poured, hand-shaped, twice-glazed, and fired in kilns over 2200°F. The result: extremely durable and especially lustrous sinks and basins.

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Every sink has a story of the craftsman who made and signed it