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At House of Rohl, we pursue the discovery of time-honored craft that opens the door to stories unlike any other.

Shaws of Darwen Sinks

Shaws of Darwen

Handcrafted for Life

The world’s finest fireclay sinks

As individual as the artisan who signed it.

About Shaws

Since our founding in England in 1897, we’ve put our time, passion, and pride into every fireclay sink we create. Each one is made by hand by a single master craftsman, taught by the master craftsmen who came before and signed by its maker. This human touch is what sets our handcraft apart, for a result that’s beautiful, timeless and original.

How It’s Made

Handcrafting a classic

Shaws of Darwen
Shaws of Darwen Stamp

Our process requires patience, artistry, and a craftsman’s touch. Locally-sourced natural fireclay is hand-poured, hand-shaped, twice-glazed, and fired in kilns over 2200°F. That’s why our sinks not only stand up to use, they do so beautifully, day after day, decade after decade.

Our Process

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Every sink has a story of the craftsman who made and signed it