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RAL Colors

A New Standard of customization

RAL is an European based color matching system which defines colors for paint, coatings and plastics. 'RAL' is the abbreviation of 'Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung'.

Purple Bathroom

A Multitude of Possibilities

Personalize the exterior of our freestanding bathtubs and sinks in a rich array of RAL colors that match all shades of the imagination, in gloss or matte finishes. Coordinate hues to complement bathroom décor, or let color lead the design principle.

Toulouse Victoria + Albert Bathtub in 5004 Blue

Gloss and Matte Finishes

Each finish is multilayered using a special catalyzed paint, and hand-polished between applications for an unparalleled depth of color and luster. More durable than hand-painted surfaces, more striking in impression, Victoria + Albert colors elevate baths to greater luxury.

Over 28,000 Bathtub Combinations

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Choose from a selection of striking dark colors to create a boutique feel.


From powder blue to jewel-like sapphire, blue is inherently calming.


Get back to nature with these warm, on-trend, earthy tones.


Tap into the botanical trend with our range of green tones.


From pebble tones to industrial graphite, chic grey is hugely versatile.


Add a touch of uplifting orange - from fresh apricot to warm terracotta.


Not just pretty pinks. Our deep cerise hues create a design statement.


Traditionally associated with royalty, purple exudes a sense of luxury.


Red tones will add vibrancy and energy to any interior design scheme.


Create a serene, spa-like atmosphere with our elegant pale palette.


Inject a pop of color with sunshine yellow, or opt for a soothing golden glow.

Color Stories From Conde Nest Traveler - Wanderlust

Understated brilliance. Subtle sparkle.

The Luminaries™ Collection

Understated brilliance. Subtle sparkle.
Understated brilliance. Subtle sparkle.

The delicate glow of incandescent tones, as though lit from within. The Luminaries are a collection of shimmering shades that make an arresting statement. These nuanced hues glisten to catch the eye and elevate the bath to a new level of luxury.

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A New Level of Luxury

Sparkling Champagne
Shimmering Sands

Volcanic Limestone

Featured Collections



The contemporary, symmetrical Barcelona tub is a rimless, deep, double-ended design that is plenty big enough for two.



Generously sized vessel sink, designed to complement the Amiata freestanding bath.