Care & Cleaning

Scratch Repair

Note: For minor blemishes and scuff marks, skip to step 3

Step 1.

Start sanding the scratch down using the wet sandpaper in rapid straight motions using P 800 abrasive paper:

If the scratch is deep, widen the area to be sanded so as to avoid denting the surface. Sand until area has been “flattened”.

For more severe scratch, you can also use a gritty rubbing compound with a soft cloth, as it is more abrasive.

Step 2.

Continue to sand the area, progressively start using a finer grade paper P1500, then P2000 until the area is completely smooth to the touch.

Step 3.

The area that has just been sanded will have a matte look to it. To bring back the shine, use a car polish. Apply in circular motions over the sanded area until the compound is completely dissolved. The finish will begin to become glossier.

To achieve a perfectly polished finish and complete repair, use an electric polisher.

White polishing cloths and a fine polishing cream/ car wax such as 3M may also be used to create a polished finish.