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About Riobel

Originating in Quebec, Riobel® combines European panache with North American flair. Design and engineering work hand in hand and come together brilliantly through imagination, innovation, and ingenuity. Geometric angles and rounded arcs combine with the most advanced performance for award-winning collections that will be as true tomorrow as they are today. Riobel is luxury designed to be lived with.

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Brilliant, inside and out

Riobel Riu Lava Faucet
Riu Textured Handles

Our patented RioWise™ Valve System keeps shower temperatures steady, even with a 50% drop in water pressure. Riobel’s kitchen faucets with Boomerang™ retractable hand spray snaps back into position for more freedom of movement to wash, rinse, and fill the deepest of pots.

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State-of-the-art innovation. One-of-a-kind design.